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My Husband’s Baby (Episode 2)


“Ah! There she is!” The homeless looking man in a white flowing gown stretches his hands out to me as soon as I walk into the sitting room. This one actually looks worse than the rest. His hair will surely put Bob Marley’s Dada to shame with how tangled up it looks. I start to reverse back but Mom pushes me towards the man and I half expect him to start singing ‘No woman no cry’ but the man bursts into tongues immediately he has his hands on me.
“Kneel!! I can already feel the many spirits around you.” He cries out as he pulls me down to the cold floor with a tug of my hand. Looking up, I notice Margaret, my househelp eying me with worry. She’s wearing the same white cap mom has on and I feel sorry that my mom dragged her into this as well. Poor girl must have been up for hours.
“Are you even listening to me!” The prophet’s yelling Pierces through my distracted mind and I pull my eyes to him.
“Huh?” I ask dumbly.
“I said! Cast! Bind! Cast! Bind!!!!” Spittle fly out of his mouth with each word and they sadly land on my face. I’m about ready to barf. Somebody save me!!
This man wants to break my neck with the way he’s pressing on my head, all in the name of prayers. Looking up at Mom for help, I find her just as much in the spirit, kabashing and all of that. If only this could help me but after getting flogged by the last prophet and getting hospitalized for a whole day, I know better.
“Now, you’re going to put this on your head.” My eyes fly open at the sound of putting something on my head and my eyes bulge out at the black fowl carried above my head.
“Stop!!!!” I scream in fright. The fowl even seems to be throwing a feat as it starts to flail about with it’s two legs.
“Get that away from me! Get it away!” I scream and jump to my feet when I feel the fowl’s claw scratch my ear. In my horror, I headbutt the prophet as I stand and the two of us roll over on the floor.
“Ouch.” I cry more in frustration than in pain.
Okay, I’ve endured enough of this!
“Theresa!” I hear Mom yell as I walk over the prophet and head for my room.
“Theresa come back here! Are you walking out on your mother, Theresa?! This is what that Benin husband of yours is teaching you abi. I….”
“Stop okay, stop!” Shaking with anger, I turn to face my mother.
“I’m just doing this for you! Why aren’t you concerned about your childless marriage, Theresa?”
“Concerned?! Mom, I get mocked almost every day about my predicament! Your prophets have starved, bathed and even flogged me all for this child!”
“That’s not…”
“I’ve done everything, mother! Tests and even operations! It’s the only thing my husband wants and I can’t…I can’t…. Mom, I can’t give it to him. And you say I’m not concerned?! I cry myself to sleep in his arms most nights. I….I…” I break down into my palms and shake with hard sobs. Why does she have to go and push my buttons. I’ve been trying to act like I’m okay ever since she showed up on my doorstep last night. Why can’t every one just leave Daniel and I alone.
“I can’t believe you’re turning me into the bad person here.” I hear my mother whine. I can’t look at her right now.
“That’s enough, mother.” For a second, I think I’m hallucinating but when I drop my hands, I find Daniel standing behind my mother with his suitcase beside him. He’s back!
“Honey!” I don’t wait for him to reply, I launch myself into his arms and let him hold my shaking body.
“That’s okay, sweetie. Shhhh. I’m here.” He coos into my ear while I just hold him for dear life. He’s my lifeline.


We finally get to meet the husband! Don’t miss the next episode. N yeap, drop your comment beautiful people. Ciao

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