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My Husband’s Baby (Episode 3)


“Where’s mother?” Theresa asks as soon as I enter into our bedroom. I shrug my blazer off and as usual, carelessly drop it on our bed.
“She left with the prophet. Something about having to pay his transport fare back to Ekiti.” I tell her as I slowly crawl into bed to lie down beside her. I pull her carefully to my chest as soon as she’s at arm’s length before relaxing.
“Why didn’t the prophet just climb on the back of that his fowl and fly back to whatever bush he came from?” Theresa mutters with a sigh.
“Are you okay?” I lift her chin so I can get a good look at her face. I see the tears in them and it breaks my heart.
“It’s just too much.” She sobs out and I quickly arrange her smaller body on top of mine.
“Why can’t everyone just stop rubbing our problem in my face, all in the name of trying to help!” She says into my chest. It’s a question I can’t answer so I just rub her back slowly.
“I love you, Theresa. That’s all that matters.” I whisper to her.
“I love you so much, honey. That’s why I want to carry your child in my womb. I want to give you this one thing you really want from me.”
“Look at me..” I take her chin off my chest so I can look into her eyes.
“You’ll carry my children. I can see you holding them. Kissing them. Loving them.” I continue.
“But when?!” She brushes my hand away with a long sigh.
“It’s been eight years. Eight long years of trying.” She just looks so sad, I can’t take it anymore, so I change the subject covertly.
“I thought you enjoyed trying to make babies.” I give her a crooked grin as I grind my body against hers seductively.
“I’m being serious. You should be listening to me!” She whines and slaps my shoulder lightly.
“I’m being serious as well. I’ve missed my wife. And some other part of me which is obviously not my ears, need your attention.” I tell her with a playful pout and I see her try to hide her smile.
“I know how much you’ve missed me, baby.” I whisper into her ear before tracing my tongue down the shell. She releases a low moan that messes with my brain and has me adjusting under her.
“You’re such a pervert.” She murmurs weakly as I move on to kiss down to her neck. Now I know I’ve gotten her right where I want her. In my arms, pliant and needy. God I’ve missed her so much.
“You’ll have to hold on tight, baby because I’m about to shake your world.” I grin against her neck at this when I feel her visibly shake in my arms but then she freezes and I pull my head up.
“Didn’t you hear that?” She asks me in a hush tone. Is she serious right now?
“Hear what? I…” Banging on our door cuts my words off.
“That.” Theresa rolls her eyes at me.
“Go away!” I scream to whoever is on the other side of the door. The knocking gets more persistent.
“Go check it. Sounds urgent.” She shrugs me off her and rolls over to lie on her belly.
“To God, If the house isn’t actually on fire, I’ll strangle whoever thinks it’s funny to interrupt this.” I grumble.
“Coming!” I snap at the door when the knocking doesn’t even stop for a beat and Theresa bursts into a quiet giggle.
“I’m coming back for you.” I tell her with a soft spank on her ass before jumping off the bed to answer the door.
“The house better be on fire or I’ll…”
“Brother!” My little sister, Itohan jumps into my arms before I can finish my sentence and she’s off again bounding towards Theresa on the bed.
“Woah, big girl. Be careful.” There’s giggles as she hold hug my sister.
“What is she doing here?” I mouth to Theresa who just shrugs and lets go of Itohan.
“I’ve missed you so much, auntie. You guys don’t want to visit us in Benin.” Itohan pouts and Theresa’s eyes come to rest on me.
“All your brother’s fault. His work and all.” She tells her and Itohan’s eyes follows hers to rest on me.
“Wait, does that mean, you guys can’t follow me back to Benin? Mom is counting on me to drag both of you with me.”
“Huh? Why? Is mother okay? How bout dad? Why are you here anyways?” I ask all at once, my mind telling me that something might be wrong for my mother to send Itohan to come get us.
“Calm down, bro. Everything’s fine. I just came to process my documents for school. Plus, our Reverend’s baby dedication is just two days away. They’ve been looking for a child for almost twenty eight years….”
“Woah! Are you serious? Twenty eight years?” Theresa interrupts her, awe written on her face. I know what she’s thinking.
“We have to go.” She tells me in that tone I know means she’s going to be stubborn about this.
“Mom said she needs Aunt Theresa to come down to Benin to speak with the Reverend’s wife about something.” Itohan adds before I can finish.
“You heard that? I can’t say no to your mother? What kind of wife would that make me?” She pouts along with my sister and I shake my head at the both of them.
“You’re the kind of wife who has a job she has to be at in about twenty minutes.” I point to the watch on my wrist and tap it twice.
“Oh no! You scoundrel, you made me completely oblivious of the time!” She slaps my shoulder like it’s my fault, she’s late. Okay, it is my fault. I smile sheepishly and help her off the bed.
“Do you need help getting ready?” Itohan stands and follows her to her wardrobe. I just lie back on the bed and prop my hands behind my head as I watch both women fret in front of the wardrobe. She’s late and she’s still being picky about what to wear.
“You’re not helping matters!” Theresa throws a dress at me on the bed and I realize I said that aloud.
“You know you’re going to get in trouble with that inconsiderate principal at the school right?” I ask her and her shoulders slump down. Itohan just stands back with Theresa’s clothes hanging on her arms and neck. Women.
“Abeg, I’m not going, today!” Theresa suddenly says and my head snaps back to her.
“I really want to go to Benin. I’ll just call in sick. I’ve never missed a day since I started working at the school. I deserve this break.” She says resolutely.
“I haven’t agreed to this trip to Benin though.” I mutter just to annoy her. I’ve already made up my mind from the moment she said she needs the break.
“Come on bro, please…” Itohan pleads and my face breaks out into a smile.
“Okay, fine. I can’t stand both of you together!” I put my hands up in surrender and both women and both women squeal in obvious glee.
I guess we’re going to Benin. It’s been a long while, I must say.
“I’ll go call the office.” I tell the women who are already going off talking about all the things they’ll do together once we get to Benin. Theresa just waves me off and continues her rambling with Itohan. The smile on her face is reward enough to the days of work I’m surely going to miss.

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