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My Husband’s Baby (Episode 5)


“Eyah.. she’s so lucky.” Theresa says with teary eyes as mother narrates our Reverend’s story to her. They’ve been at it for a while since we ate dinner and my ass is beginning to feel numb from sitting in the car during our drive here so I decide to go outside for a walk. Father isn’t here to keep me company anyways. They have all retired to bed including Itohan and Osato.
“Where are you going?” Mother is the first to notice me standing from my perch on the dining chair before Theresa turns to me with a curious look.
“I just need a walk. Being in a plane then a car all in one day.” I say as explanation.
“You want me to come with you?” Theresa asks but I’m pretty sure she’ll rather sit with my mother, talking about everything they can think of so I just shake my head with a smile.
“Don’t tire yourself out, it’s late already. I’ll be back soon.” I tell her before turning to my mother.
“Don’t hold my wife from sleeping early oh, mother.” I tease.
“I’m not holding anyone captive. She’ll leave when she’s tired.” Mother defends herself seriously to the amusement of Theresa and I.
“Okay o. I can’t argue with the two favorite women in my life.” I say but by now, they were no longer paying attention to me, but to the discussion at hand.
  Without saying anything else, I grab my jacket to shield off the cold and make my way out of the house.
It’s pitch black out here with no sign of a star due to the cloud cover.
“You think it’s going to rain?” I jump slightly at the unexpected voice from the darkness.
“What the heck are you doing in the dark, Osato?!” I chastise Osato as she walks out of the dark with her hand folded around her body.
“Smoking?” I ask her knowingly and she shrugs. She’s still wearing those damn huge glasses that has half of her face concealed. Something tells me that they aren’t a fashion statement on her part.
“I thought you beat the habit.” I say, referring to her smoking.
“I did but I can’t help it when I’m so stressed out.” She scrubs a hand over her face with a heavy sigh, thick with unsaid things.
“What are you doing in town, Angel?” I say due to habits and regret it immediately when lips tips up.
“You were the only one who actually called me that.” She says.
“That’s your name, isn’t it?” I ask her nonchalantly with a shrug. I really don’t know what’s going on in that head of hers.
“Still, after my parents died in that car crash and I was taken in by your parents, every one just called me Osato. Except you.”
“Well… That’s a long time ago.” I shrug my jacket on, to take my eyes off the woman who had my heart while I was just a kid.
“Twelve years isn’t so long ago, Daniel. I can remember everything vividly. All those times we’ll sneak away from everyone to mess around just because you felt we were too close to family to be seen messing around.”
I grind my teeth against the memory.
“We are family.”
“Not by blood. Not even by adoption. Your parents are just family friends who took me in.”
“And raised you! Gosh, why am I arguing with you out here in the dark?” I say the last part more to myself than to her.
“You didn’t think about that all those night when I’ll sneak into your bedroom and…”
“That’s enough!” I snap at her and succeed to shut her up. She glares at me though.
“My wife is inside this very house, with my mother. Our mother. Don’t disrespect her, please.” I tell her with a hard voice.
“You can’t just snap at me like I’m some kid, Daniel. You and I were lovers!” She throws at me as her nails comes up to dig into my arm and I growl angrily at her.
“Wasn’t that before you dumped me for some richer guy in Delta State? This is stupid. What is your deal? You never looked back after leaving before now.” I pull her hand off my arm and shake her slightly.
“I’m sorry, okay! I’m sorry! I… I..I just…” She suddenly breaks down and stoops to the ground to bury her face in her palms, completely confusing me. Osato has always been a strong woman, maybe too hard headed but never a cry baby.
“What’s going on with you?” I stoop down but keep my distance from her. When she brings her head up to stare at me, the glasses are off and I gasp at the sight I see. Her left eye is swollen shut and it still looks pretty tender even in the darkness.
“Oh my God.”
“I had to leave him. That’s why I’m here. You’re the only one I thought to ask for help. I don’t want to worry your parents.” She sobs and I feel sorry for her.
“What have you gotten yourself into, Osato.” I mutter.
“I can’t go back to warri. He might end up killing me.” She cries and I just watch her, speechless.
“I don’t know what you want me to do. I..”
“Just a place to live. I don’t want to burden your parents. Plus he knows this place. He might come to find me one day.”
“No. You can’t be serious.” I quickly get up to my feet and she follows suit.
“Why not! You said we’re family!”
“Yes but Theresa…” I shake my head at the idea.
“Theresa doesn’t know about our past and I know better than to tell her. I just need to a month or two.”
“No!” I snap at her.
“What would you have me do then?!”
“I’ll give you some money. To rent a house in another city. That should solve this.” I quickly come up with a solution.
“I don’t want to live alone.” She sniffs back tears.
“You’re no longer a little girl, Osato. Take this chance to get your life in order. Don’t worry our parents.” I stress the words ‘our parents’ before I brush past her and walk back into the house.
Theresa meets me halfway into the bedroom mother had prepared for us.
“How was your walk?” She asks as she helps me out of my jacket. Before she walks away, I pull her from behind to my chest and wrap my hand around her waist.
“Are you okay?” She asks quietly.
“Why do you ask?”
“I heard you and Osato quarreling outside, when I came to find you.”
“Oh.” I try not to stiffen. I should just tell her about my past with Osato.
“Is this because of the swollen eye she’s trying to hide?” Theresa turns in my arms to face me and my brows rise.
“I figured that was the reason she was still wearing her dark glasses at the dinner table. Think your parents noticed?” She asks me and I release a long sigh.
“I don’t know how a grown woman can get herself into trouble like a child.”
“Don’t be like that. You know she’s always been a little, how do I put this… eccentric?”
“That’s what you’ll call it?” I ask with a scoff.
“What then would you call it?” She asks back. I pause a bit before shrugging.
“Enough about Osato, how about we get back to this morning’s interrupted ravishing session.” I say with a roll of my hips which has her giggling and all thoughts of Osato is gone from my mind.
“You’re not serious. I’m not letting you wake your poor parents with your shenanigans!” She pokes at my chest while trying to slip out of my hold.
“Not so fast.” Without much effort, I pull her off the ground, with my hand firmly placed on her butt as I carry her to the bed.
“Daniel!” She exclaims then pulls a hand over her mouth to quieten herself.
“You’ve have to be quiet for this one, babe. Or would I have to gag you with a tie?” I wriggle my brows at her with a grin.
“Get away from me!” She giggles as I make a dive for her on the bed.

Comments guys. What could Osato want with Daniel now?

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